Mr Shafraaz Abdoola, CSIR, Pretoria

Dr A K M N Alam, Green Acres

Dr Marco A G Andreoli, Specialist Scientist (Geology) SA Atomic Energy Commission

Dr Ellen Ancker, Ophthalmologist, Oranjezicht, Cape Town

Ms Tehzeen Anjarwalla,  Self-employed researcher (’16)

Prof Patrick Arbuthnot, Antiviral Gene Therapy Research Unit, Wits University

Thomas A McCoy, MD of AKF, California, USA (2017)

Dr T N Augustine, School of Anatomical Sciences, Wits University

Dr G Avery, Natural History Department: Cenozoic Studies Iziko South African Museum (1990)

Dr A M Avis Director – Coastal & Environmental Services (1994)


Dr O O Babalola, Senior Lecturer Biological Sciences, North-West University.

Dr R J Baigrie, Claremont, Cape Town (1998)

Prof P R Bartel (1993)

Dr Nikoletta Bathori, Lecturer, Cape Peninsula University of Technology. (2013)

Richard Guy Batson, retired, Sedgefield (2016)

Mrs P A Bean, Claremont, Cape Town 

Prof C C Bezuidenhout School of Environmental Science & Development, North West University (2008)

Prof G L Booth, Bluewater Bay 

Dr Thomas G Bornman, Scientist, SAEON, Grahamstown (2014)

Dr Keith Arthur Breetzke, Psychiatrist, Cape Town (2017)

Dr Desiré M Brits, Associate Lecturer, Wits University (2010)

Elsabe Brits, Science Journalist, Die Burger, Cape Town (2013)

Dr G N Bronner Department of Zoology University of Cape Town (1996)

Mr T B Brummer, Journalist, Cape (2008)

Ms S Buekes, United States (2000)

Dr Joanna E Burgess, Research Manager, Water Research Commission, Gezina

Dr N D Burman, Cape (1995)

Mr A L Butcher, Nature Conservator, Cape Town (1987)


Dr G K Campbell Queensburgh (1981)

Dr E E Campbell Department of Botany, Summerstrand Campus South NMMU. (1998)

Mr V Carruthers VC Management Services cc, Gauteng

Prof N H Casey Department of Animal Science, University of Pretoria

Dr H F B Champion Zoology Department University of Zululand (1981)

Prof. N Chetty, Physics Department, University of Pretoria

Charl D Cilliers, Environmental Consultant, Withers Environmental Consultant, Stellenbosch (2015)

Dr W A M Clewlow (1991)

Mr G Cliff Natal Sharks Board (1981)

Dr Martin P A Coetzee, Senior Lecturer, Genetics, University of Pretoria (2011)

Dr Vinet Coetzee, Department of Genetics, University of Pretoria (2015)

Prof T H T Coetzer, Biochemistry, University of Kwazulu – Natal Pmb Campus 

Dr Charles J Copley, Researcher, Square Kilometer Array, Cape Town (2015)

Prof Teresa A Coutinho, Plant Pathologist, FABI, University of Pretoria (2015)

Dr S A Craven, Newlands (1989)

Mr J L Crawford Physics Department University of the Witwatersrand


Dr Tatenda Dalu, Marine Biology, Rhodes University. (2013)

Mr David G Da Silva, Postgraduate Studies in Public Health, University of the KwaZulu-Natal (2013)

Dr P J N (Nico) de Bruyn, Senior Lecturer & Researcher, Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria (2013)

Jenny-Lee De Fontaine, Freelance Science And Educational Writer And Editor (2011)

Dr Riyad Domingo, Postdoctoral Fellow, Stellenbosch University

Dr Tessa Dowling, Senior Lecturer in African languages, School of Languages and Literature, UCT. 

Dr F C de Moor Albany Museum, Grahamstown (1989)

Dr. Shaun H P Deyzel, Coastal and Estuarine Ecologist, SAEON, Elwandle Node. (2014)

Dr Robin L Drennan, Research & Innovation Management, WITS University (2014)

Ms Jennifer J Dugard, Saxonwold (2009)

Andrea du Plessis, Dietician, Vital Health Foods, Stellenbosch. (2015)

Dr L du Plessis, retired teacher, KZN (2009)

Dr Lukas J. du Plessis, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering at Pretoria University (2017)

Dr F Duncan, School of Animal, Plant & Environmental Sciences Universityof the Witwatersrand

Dr Pierre Durand, Evolutionary Studies Institute at Wits University (2017)

Du Toit, Daniel J, DD Filter Solutions, Cape Town (2018)


Dr A L Edkins, Biobru, Dept of Biochem., Microbio. & Biotechnology, Rhodes University (2009)

Dr E Elliott  retired from School of Cellular and Molecular Biosciences University of Kwazulu – Natal (2007)

Dr K H Erlwanger, Senior Lecturer Physiology & Veterinarian, Wits. (2008)


Mr T H Fellowes, Rondebosch

Dr Nathan Finkelstein, Pharmacist and Phytochemist, Cape Town (2018)

Dr Richard C Foster, Medical Doctor, Westville, KZN (2011)

Dr L C Foxcroft, Scientist/Ecologist, Sa National Parks, Skukuza (2009)

Dr D D Fraser, Durban North (2013)

Em. Professor William John Fraser, Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education at the Faculty of Education at Pretoria University (2017)

Prof F A M Frescura, Centre For Theoretical Physics, University of the Witwatersrand (1992)

Prof C K Frost, NMMU University, Port Elizabeth (2012)

Prof A Fuller School of Physiology, University of the Witwatersrand


Dr J George, Al-Arfaj Engineering Company, Kuwait

Dr I S Glass, SA Astronomical Observatory (1988)

Dr Jarishma K Gokul, Centre for Microbial Ecology and Genomics, University of Pretoria (2011)

Prof J P D Goldring, Department of Biochemistry, University of KwazuluNatal (2009)

Dr D A Gray, University of the Witwatersrand

Prof R Green, HOD of Paediatrics & Child Health, University of Pretoria (2012)

Dr L J Greenberg, University of Cape Town


Dr Christel D Hansen, Environmental Analysis and Management (2015)

Dr Kevin Harding, Lecturer, School of Chemical & Metallugical Engineering, Wits University (2010)

Dr William R Harding, Professional Consultant in Aquatic Ecology, DH Environmental Consulting (2012)

Professor Chris Harris, Dept of Mineralogy and Geology at UCT (2014)

Timothy G Harrison, Reader in Chemistry, School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, United Kingdom (2013)

Ms Margaret Herron, Rondebosch, Cape Town (2011)

Dr R S Hetem, Brain Function Research Group School of Physiology Wits Medical School (2008)

Prof J D Hey, Calgary, Canada (1992)

Dr J C Hill, Claremont (1991)

Prof T R Hill, Department of Geography Univ of Kwazulu – Natal (1994)

Dr M T Hoffman, Institute For Plant Conservation, Botany Department, UCT. (1994)

Dr R J Huddy, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, IMBM, Univeresity of the Western Cape (2012)

Dr P A Hulley Iziko SA Museum, Cape Town (1988)

Prof A T Hutton Chemistry Department, University of Cape Town (1990)


Dr Amadi O Ihunwo, School of Anatomical Sciences, Wits University (2010)

Dr Rita L Jacobsen, Research Scientist, Central Drakensberg (2016)

Mrs H James, Department Freshwater Invertebrates Albany Museum Grahamstown

Mr M P-E Janssens, CEO, Soft Craft, Cape Town

Prof J L Jonas, Department of Physics & Electronics, Rhodes University (1996)

Dr S M Jongens-Roberts, Constantia

Rodney T Jones, PrEng BSc(Eng) BA MSc(Eng) PhD
FSAIMM FIChemE FSAIChE. Senior Technical Specialist, Pyrometallurgy, Mintek & President of SAIMM (2014)

Professor Denis Ndze Jumbam, Dept of Chemistry, Walter Sisulu University (2013)


Dr Janine Kelly, Senior Researched, Agricultural Research Council, Gauteng (2013)

Dr D M Kroon, Sasolburg (1991)

Dr F J Kruger, Consultant: Systems Ecology & Natural Resources (2010 – died 2017)

Prof. Tukayi Kudanga, Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology Durban University of Technology (2014)


Dr Abraham J Lambrechts, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic, Cape Town (2011)

Dr Marilize Le Roes-Hill, Biocatalysis & Technical Biology Research Group, CPUT (2011)

Cecilia Liebenberg, Cape Town (2014)




Prof A P le Roex, Dean of Science, University of Cape Town

Prof D C Levendis, Northcliff

Professor Carl E Lindgren, Human Scientist, Writer, Educationalist, United States. (2012)

Mark Paul Lindley-Highfield of Ballumbie Castle – Lecturer in Teacher Education at the University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland (2017)

Dr S Lison, Cape Town

Dr Wesley Loftie-Eaton, Post Doctoral Researcher, Inst. of Microbial Biotechnology & Megagenomics at University of the Western Cape (2011)

Dr M R R Logie, Biotechnology & Environmental Specialist Consultancy, Nahoon (2006)

Dr Christa Loubser, Cape Town (2012)

Dr Robin Lyle, Agricultural Research Council, Pretoria (2012)


Dr Mark Maboeta, Senior Lecturer, North-West University, Klerksdorp. (2011)

Dr I A W Macdonald, Int. Environmental Consultant Kube Yini Private Game Reserve, Bayala (1990)

Dr Gaathier Mahed Senior Lecturer in Geology, North West University (2017)

Prof. Jeanine L Marnewick, Head: Oxidative Stress Research Centre at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (2014)

Prof M B Markus, Pinegowrie (1981)

Dr Adriana Marais, Postdoctoral Researcher, UKZN
Winner of the 2015 L’Oreal-UNESCO Women in Physics Award (2015)

Dr Jason P Marshal, Lecturer on Ecology, University of the Witwatersrand (2012)

Dr P Martinez, SpaceLab, Dept of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town, (1990)

Wilbert L Mathews, Petroleum Geologist Consultant, Cape Town (2013)

Rev. Arnold Bongani Matyila, Paramedic with MediStaff/MediNurse SA. (2016)

Karin McCallum, Science enthusiast, Constantia (2017)

D Paul K Mensah, Researcher at Institute of Water Research, Rhodes University (2017)

Mr Rory P Milbank, Consultant, Agronomist, Eco-Agri Consultants, Pietermaritzburg (2012)

Dr J P Moore, Institute of Wine Biotechnolgy, University of Stellenbosch (2009)

Prof A G Morris, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, UCT Medical School (1985)

Dr Deborah J Morris-Rosendahl, Research Scientist, Molecular Genetics & Genomics, Imperial College, London. (1998)

Lynne Moss, retired Primary School Teacher, Rosebank, Cape Town (2011)

Dr Davison Moyo, Dept of Animal Science at the University of the Witwatersrand (2017)

Dr F Mulla, the Petroleum Oil & Gas Corporation of South Africa (Pty) Ltd (2007)

Mrs S Muller, Vincent 


Dr Krishna S B Naidu, Research Associate, Durban University of Technology (2015)

Dr J A L Napier, Benmore (2008)

Dr Johannes Jacobus Naude – Engineer and Inventor at Varibox CVT Techologies (2017)

Dr Aloysius T Nchinda, Department of Chemistry, University of Cape Town (2011)

Advocate Christo A Nel, Cape Bar (2013)

Dr Holly A Nel, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Zoology and Entomology, Rhodes University (2013)

Prof C U Niesler, Department of Biochemistry, University of KwazuluNatal (2009)

Prof Nico Nortje, Professor Extraordinaire at UWC and Assistant Professor at University of Texas (Ethics in Africa)

Dr G R Norton, Department of Physiology Wits Medical School (1998)


Mr Nicholas F Oppenheimer, Marshalltown (1985)

M Padayachee (Vishnu), Distinguished Professor and Derek Schrier and Cecily Cameron Chair in Development Economics, School of Economic and Business Sciences
University of the Witwatersrand (2012)

Dr Daniel M Parker, Dept of Zoology and Entomology, Rhodes University (2014)

Mr Conrad Penny, Property Broker, CEO Penny Holdings, Johannesburg

Ms C Piek, Optometrist, Cape Town (2009)

Pamela Pillay, Lecturer, Clinical Anatomy, University of KwaZulu Natal. (2016)

Prof B I Pletschke, Dept of Biochemistry & Microbiology, Rhodes University (2009)

Dr Stephanie Plon, Marine Mammal Scientist, Saiab, Port Elizabeth (2011)

Dr Alastair J Potts, Department of Botany, NMU (2013)


Prof S E Radloff, Department of Statistics, Rhodes University

Prof Rajkumar Sewcharan Ramesar, head of Human Genetics, UCT (2018)

Prof M Ramsay, Emmarentia (1992)

Dr Deran Reddy, Senior Microscopy Technician, WITS University (2010)

Dr Ryan R Reisinger, SANCOR Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Zoology, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth (2012)

Dr N A Rivers-Moore, Aquatic Ecologist, Inst. of Natural Resources, Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal (2012)

Prof D F Roberts, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom (1984)

Dr David G Roberts, Vetenarian, Cape Town (2008)

Mr F Roelofse, Council For Geoscience, Gauteng (2010)

Prof G G Rogers, Physiology Department Medical School, University of Witwatersrand (1990)

Prof Jolanda Roux, Tree Pathologist/Mycologist, FABI, University of Pretoria (2014)

Mrs T B A Rutherford, Claremont, (1991)

Dr D S Ryder, Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA (1992)


Dr Mwazvita T B Sachikonye-Dalu, Research Fellow, Environmental Science, Rhodes University.

Dr David Scarfe, President/CEO, OVA-CAP Veterinary & Consulting Services / Aquatic Veterinary Associates International, Illinois, USA

Prof Lynne A Schepartz, Dept of Anatomical Sciences, Wits Medical School, Johannesburg. (2012)

Prof S Schmidt, School of Biochemistry, Genetics & Microbiology, University of KwazuluNatal (2009)

Dr Peter M U Schmitz, Principal Researcher, CSIR Built Environment, Moreleta Ridge (2011)

Dr E H Schumann, Humewood, Port Elizabeth (1982)

Prof. Thomas J Scriba, Deputy Director Immunology, SA Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative, UCT (2013)

Prof J F Sharpey-Schafer, Somerset-West (1997)

Rishan Singh, poet, Durban (2010)

Dr P H Skelton SA Institute For Aquatic Biodiversity, Grahamstown (1988)

Mr C P Skinner, Head of Group Exploration, De Beers

Dr Candice Small, Lecturer, Wits University (2017)

Dr D P Smits Department of Mathematical Sciences, Unisa (1993)

Dr D A Snijman, Compton Herbarium, Claremont, Cape

Mr J H Spencer Jones, Buenos Aires (1982)

A/Professor Viranjay Srivastava , University of KwaZulu-Natal (2017)

Prof Annegret Stark, Research chair SMRI Sugarcane Biorefinery, UKZN (2018)

Mr A N Starke, Food Scientist (Retired) Newlands, Cape Town (2008)

Dr C Steininger, Manager, DST-NRF , CoP in Paleosciences and Human Evolution, University of Witwatersrand

Dr R I Stewart, Cape Town (1990) (2011)

Mr W M Strauss, Department Environmental Science, Unisa (2008)

Prof B Sun, Professor of Applied Mechanics at Cape Peninsula Univ. of Technology (2010)

Dr S N Sunassee (Sunny), Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Cape Town (2014)


Dr Rabecca Takokera, IIDMM, University of Cape Town (2012)

Dr F H Talbot, New South Wales, Australia (1981)

Dr Grant Theron, Senior Scientist, Lung Institute, University of Cape Town.(2014)

Mr Keán Thompson, Medical Laboratory Science, Cape Peninsula University of Technology.(2014)

Prof I M Trindade (Tuffin),  Dept. of Biotechnology, University of the Western Cape (2009)


Dr Simon Van Noort, Reaserch Scientist, Dept of Natural History, Iziko Sa Museum, Cape Town (2011)

Dr S J Van Sittert (2011)

Prof. Roal van Zyl-Smit, retired physician/nephrologist, Rondebosch, Cape Town (2012)

Peter Venter, Director, Tower Group, Wendywood (2012)

Dr R A Verrinder, Lecturer, Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town (2009)

Mr Peter Vink, Horticulturist (2017)


Prof A Wadee, National Health Laboratory Services, Cresta 

Prof S Wagner, Department of Mathematics, University of Stellenbosch (2011)

Mrs Sally Walsh, Head of Life Sciences, Curro Hillcrest High

Mr Keith Warne, Science HOD, Bishops, Rondebosch

Dr Peter R Warren, Retired Professor of Computer Science (2013)

Dr G S Watermeyer, Onrust River (1987)

Dr Amanda Weltman, Cosmologist and Physicist, University of Cape Town (2011)

Dr B E J S Werz, Marina Da Gama (1992)

Dr A J Woodiwiss Department of Physiology Wits Medical School (1999)

Prof D L Woods, Froggy Farm (1985)


Dr Costas Zachariades, Biologist, Agricultural Research Council, Hilton (2014)

Professor B Zhao, Dept of Environmental Sciences at UNISA (2017)


Mr B Billings, University of the Witwatersrand (2008)

Rachael Dangarembizi, Brain Function Research Group at University of Witwatersrand (2017)

Joshua Gabriel Davimes, School of Anatomy, University of Witwatersrand

Kim Angeline Durrell PhD Candidate in Biotechnology, Microbiology at Stellenbosch University and Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) (2017)

Paulene Govender, Physics student, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Lena Sophia Gronback, PhD student, Human Economy Programme, University of Pretoria (2018)

Joseph Hulbert,  PhD Student in Plant Pathology, Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute, University of Pretoria (2017)

Zaakirah Khakie, B Pharm student, University of the North West (2016)

Mr Daniel A Lemley, Postgrad Botany Student at Nelson Mandela University

Ms Chipampe Patricia Lombe, PhD Student in biotechnology, University of Western Cape

Mr Nhlakanipho C Mkhize, DPhil Scholar, Department of Materials, Advanced Nanoscale Engineering Group
Trinity College, Oxford

Mr Itumeleng P Moroenyane, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique Quebec, Canada 

Rebecca Muller – BSc Student in Applied and Marine Biology at the University of Cape Town (2017)

Dr Kapil Narain, Student and Research Intern at Caprisa, University of KwaZulu-Natal(2017)

Mojalefa Prince Nchupang, Mechanical Engineering, University of Cape Town (2018)

Mrs Mwazvita T B Sachikonye-Dalu, PhD Research Fellow, Environmental Science, Rhodes University (2017)

Mr Arthur F. Sands, MSc (Stellenbosch). Dr. rer. nat. (Candidate), Institute For Animal Ecology & Systematics, Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany