Great talks coming up in Cape Town

Feb 27, 2018 No Comments by

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Royal Society of SA and the Academy of Science have rescheduled today’s  talk at the Auditorium of the SA Astronomical Observatory (SAAO*) : 18 March 2020: Prof William Bond: Beyond the forest edge: understanding open ecosystems (UCT).  A new date will be announced shortly.     *Directions to SAAO […]

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New Topics for Essay Competition!

Feb 07, 2018 No Comments by

     These are the 2020 topics for the Royal Society national science essay competition: Is there scientific evidence to support (or refute) Greta Thunberg’s assertion that humanity is facing a climate-induced emergency? South Africa has a wealth of medicinal plants.  How should the government and research scientists balance the need to develop new medicines with […]

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