The sad passing of Dr Rehana Malgas-Enus

With great sadness, we have to inform you that our colleague, Dr Rehana Malgas-Enus passed away on Monday September 19th.   Rehana was an active member of the Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science at Stellenbosch University, and was in Germany at the time of her passing, visiting TU Dresden on a Eleonore Trefftz Fellowship.

Rehana was the Honorary Treasurer of the Royal Society of South Africa (RSSAf), and a member of our Council. She had not been in these roles for long and she already brought wonderful enthusiasm, efficiency and commitment to the work she was doing with us.  She was also a keen ambassador for the RSSAf and had been actively, and successfully, recruiting emerging academics to become members of the Society.   

We will sorely miss Rehana’s contributions to the work of the Council and her creative ideas for the activities of the RSSAf.  She was a wonderful colleague, supporter and friend. 

On behalf of the Council and all members of the RSSAf, we offer sincere condolences to Rehana’s husband and family at this sad and difficult time.

With warm regards, 

Stephanie Burton


Bert Klumperman


Royal Society of South Africa

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