‘From Here to the Edge of the Observable Universe’

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A talk by Dr Robin Catchpole, Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge and retired Senior Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich will be presented at the S A Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) Auditorium, Observatory, Cape Town on 14th June at 5pm. 
Abstract: This is a time in the history of astronomy when we can tell the story of the evolution of the universe from the moment when it was a fraction of a second old until the present day. A time of discovery within our solar system, of exoplanets and of the evolution of galaxies. However it is also a time when we have come to realise that we do not know what the majority of the universe is made of, or the nature of the force that is driving its accelerated expansion. In this talk I aim to give an overview of our current understanding.

About the Speaker: Dr Catchpole joined the Royal Greenwich Observatory in 1962. After obtaining a BSc at University College London, he was posted to the Royal Observatory at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa and spent the next 24 years, working first at the Radcliffe Observatory in Pretoria and then at the SAAO in Cape Town. Obtained his doctorate at the University of Cape Town on ‘The Properties of the SC Stars and the Chemical Composition of UY Cen’, under the supervision of Prof. Brian Warner. In 1991 he returned to the RGO in Cambridge, until it closed in 1998, when he moved to Greenwich as Senior Astronomer.
He has authored and co-authored over 120 research papers and articles and used a number of telescopes around the world including the Hubble Space Telescope. Research interests include the composition of stars, exploding stars, the structure of our Galaxy and galaxies with black holes at their centres. His current research interest is in the structure of the Bulge of our Milky Way Galaxy, as shown by Mira variables.

*Directions to SAAO Auditorium : From the N2, turn off to the M57 – Liesbeek Parkway; turning in the direction of Cape Town and continue until the traffic lights with Hartleyvale (hockey and football) on your left. Turn right at traffic lights into Observatory Road, pass the River Club; the S A Astronomical Observatory is next on the left. Once through the security gates bear left following the SALT signs to the auditorium i.e. last building on the left (white with stoep & ramp).


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