Type H = Honorary Member of the RSSAf

Type M = Member of the RSSAf

Type S = Student member of the RSSAf

Mr SAbdoola MICT specialist
DrStuartAliMChief Scientific Officer, Akili Labs
Dr E Ancker MScience Enthusiast,
Dr M A G Andreoli MSpecialist Scientist, South African Nuclear Energy Corporation
ProfAAntonites MFaculty of Economic and Management Sciences, University of Pretoria
Prof PArbuthnot MAntiviral Gene Therapy Research Unit, University of Witwatersrand
Dr T NAugustine MSchool of Anatomical Sciences, University of Witwatersrand
Dr GAvery MIziko South African Museum
Dr A MAvis M
Prof O OBabalola MDept of Biological Sciences, North West University - Mafikeng Campus
Prof P RBartel M
Dr N BBathori MLecturer, Cape Peninsula Univ. of Technology
MrR GBatson MRetired Engineer, Sedgefield
Prof C CBezuidenhout MSchool of Environmental Science & Development
Dr T G Bornman MScientist and Science Manager, SAEON
DrEBotha MDepartment of Chemistry and Polymer Science, Stellenbosch University
Ms EBrits MDie Burger
Dr DBrits MSchool of Anatomical Sciences , University of the Witwatersrand
Dr G NBronner MDepartment of Zoology, University of Cape Town
Ms SBuekes MAtlanta, USA
DrJoanna EBurgess MResearch Manager: Water Use and Waste Management
Mr A LButcher MLife Member
Dr G KCampbell MLife Member
Mr VCarruthers MVC Management Services Cc, ,
Prof N HCasey MDept of Animal Science, University of Pretoria
Dr H F BChampion MLife Member
DrM DChengalroyen MMolecular Mycobacteriology Research, UCT
ProfNChetty MDean of Science, University of Witwatersrand
MsL PChibvupe SRSSAfS
MrGCliff MRetired from Natal Sharks Board
DrM P ACoetzee MDept of Genetics, Forestry & Agric. Biotechnology Institute, University of Pretoria
DrVCoetzee MDepartment of Genetics, University of Pretoria
ProfT H TCoetzer MDepartment of Biochemistry, University of KwaZuluNatal
ProfT ACoutinho MFABI, University of Pretoria
DrS ACraven MHon. Life Member
Mr J LCrawford MRetired from Physics Department, University of the Witwatersrand
Dr David GDa Silva MPolitical Studies and Sociology @ WITS
DrJ CDavimesMSenior Lecturer in Anatomy at Wits University. 
Dr P J Nde Bruyn MSenior Lecturer - North-West University
Ms J-LDe Fontaine MFreelance Educational Writer
Dr F C De Moor MAlbany Museum
DrS H P Deyzel MSAEON Elwandle Node,
DrM Dicks SRSSAfSStudent, Haematology Registrar
DrRDomingo MPostdoctoral Fellow, Stellenbosch University
Dr R LDrennan MResearch and Innovation Management, WITS
Dr F Duncan MSchool of Animal, Plant & Environmental Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand
Dr Adrienne LEdkins MBiobru, Dept of Biochemistry, Microbiology & Biotechnology, Rhodes University
Dr EElliott MSchool of Cellular & Molecular Biosciences, University of Kwazulu - Natal
ProfK HErlwanger MSchool of Physiology, WITS
DrAFalch MSenior Lecturer, North-West University
MsA OFamakinwa SRSSAfSStudent, Food Science & Technology Dept.
Mr T HFellowes M
Dr R C Foster MMedical Doctor, Medicross
Dr BFouda Mbanga MAnalytical Researcher, Dept of Chemistry, Johannesburg University
Dr L CFoxcroft MScientist, SANParks
DrL-AFraser MEditor of the SA Journal of Chemistry,
Dr D DFraser MGroup Chief Technology Officer , Bluelabel Telecoms Limited
MsGFraser MData scientist with Heineken, Amsterdam
MsSFraser MPhD at Cambridge
Prof F A MFrescura MCentre for Theoretical Physics, University of the Witwatersrand
Prof C LFrost MProfessor in Biochemistry, NMMU
ProfL GGafane-Matermane MNorth-West University
DrMGarbutt MLecturer, University of the Western Cape
ProfSGeerts MCape Peninsula University of Technology
Dr J George MAl-Arfaj Engineering Co. Kuwait
Dr I S Glass MS A A O
DrJGokul MFaculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences , University of Pretoria,
Prof J P DGoldring MDepartment of Biochemistry, University of KwaZuluNatal
MrK Govender MIAU Office of Astronomy for Development
DrChristel DHansen MLecturer, Dept of Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology at UP
Dr K Harding MSchool of Chemical & Metallurgical Eng. University of the Witwatersrand
Dr W RHarding MDH Environmental Consulting
Prof CHarris MDepartment of Geological Sciences, University of Cape Town
Mr T G Harrison MBristol Chemlabs, University of Bristol
A/Prof R S Hetem MSchool of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences, WITS
Prof J DHey MCanada
Dr J CHill MOphthalmologist, Cape Town
Mr MHinterholzer SRSSAfSMedical Student, University of Pretoria
Dr P AHulley MIziko South African Museum
DrG JHumphrey MEcologist
Dr A OIhunwo MUniversity of the Witwatersrand
Dr H James MDept Freshwater Invertebrates
Dr J MJansen van Vuuren MDoctor, Grey’s Hospital
MrM P-EJanssens MBusinessman, Cape Town
Prof J LJonas MDept of Physics & Electronics, Rhodes University
Dr S MJongens-Roberts MConstantia, Cape Town
Prof D NJumbam MProfessor of Chemistry , Walter Sisulu University
ProfRKommal MExtraordinary Professor of Practice
ProfRKrauseMProfessor of Chemistry , Rhodes
ProfTKudanga MDepartment of Biotechnology and Food Technology
DrDavid GLemleyMPostdoctoral research fellow, Nelson Mandela University.
Dr Mle Roes-Hill MCape Peninsula University of Technology
Em. Prof A Ple Roex Mc/o Department of Geological Sciences, UCT
MsCLiebenberg MCustomer Insights Analyst, Woolworths, Cape Town
Prof C Lindgren MProfessor, Human Scientist, Writer, Educationalist, USA
MrM PLindley-Highfield of Ballumbie CastleMLecturer , Teacher Education, University of Highlands, Scotland
DrM R R Logie M
MrALonappanMDepartment of Electrical Engineering, Mangosuthu University of Technology
DrC Loubser MSciencist, City of Cape Town
ProfY-ZMa MUKZN - Westville
ProfMMaboeta MProf of Zoology, Unit for Environmental Sciences and Management, NWU
DrGMahed MSenior Lecturer, Geology, North-West University
DrLMaki MDept Internal Medicine, Groote Schuur Hospital
Dr TManickum MR&D Umgeni Water
Prof M BMarkus MLife Member
ProfJ LMarnewick MHead of Oxidative Stress Research Centre, Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Dr J P Marshal MSchool of Animal, Plant & Environmental Sciences, WITS
Mr W L Mathews MMateus Petroleum Consultants, LLC
MsK McCallum MScience Enthusiast, Constantia, Cape Town
DrP KMensah MInstitute for Water Research, Rhodes University
DrA MMfifenMOrganic & Medicinal Chemistry, The University of Yaounde, Cameroon
DrM KMkhizeMPrincipal Scientist at Element Six
Dr EMogane-Jones MTharika Health
Prof R JMoitsheki MUniversity of the Witwatersrand
DrJ P Moore MInstitute for Wine Biotechnology,
Mrs LMoss M
Mrs SMuller MLife Member
MrL Munyai SRSSAfSStudent, School of Environmental Sciences
DrK S BNaidu MResearch and PG Support, Durban University of Technology
DrKNarain MRhodes Scholar, DPhil in Clinical medicine
DrJ JNaude MEngineer and Inventor,Varibox CVT Technologies
Dr A TNchinda MDepartment of Chemistry, University of Cape Town
Dr ANdhlala MUniversity of Limpopo
Prof C UNiesler MDept. of Biochemistry, University of Kwazulu-Natal
Prof G R Norton MDept of Physiology, University of the Witwatersrand
ProfP SNyasulu MFaculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Tygerberg
DrFOdun-Ayo MPostdoctoral Research Fellow, CPUT
Mr N FOppenheimer MLife Member
Dr D MParker MDepartment of Zoology and Entomology,Rhodes University
DrH CPfulwa MDepartment of Chemistry and Polymer Science, University of Stellenbosch
DrRPfulwa MDepartment of Chemistry and Polymer Science, University of Stellenbosch
Prof B IPletschke MDept of Biochemistry & Microbiology, Rhodes University
Prof MRamsay MDirector of the Sydney Brenner Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Dr A VRane MSteve Biko Campus, Durban University of Technology
Mr MRead Hon. MDirector of Everard Read Gallery
Dr DeranReddy MMicroscopy and Microanalysis Unit, WITS
Mr C L Rijsdijk Hon. MLife Member, Educator
Dr NRivers-Moore MAquatic Ecologist
DrDavid GRoberts MVeternary Scientist
Prof D FRoberts MLife Member
Dr FRoelofse MCouncil for Geoscience
Mr RichardRubidge Hon. MHonorary Member, Wellwood
Dr D SRyder MThirst LLC
DrM T BSachikonye Dalu MEnvironmental Science, Rhodes University
ProfASalawu MIndigenous Language Media in Africa Research Entity
DrA FSands MDivision of Ecology & Biodiversity
Dr DavidScarfe MLife Member, United States
Prof SSchmidt MSchool of Biochemistry, Genetics & Microbiology
Prof P M U Schmitz MPrincipal Researcher
Dr E HSchumann MLife Member
Dr T JScriba MInst. of Infectious Disease & Molecular Medicine
DrP PSeeleMPostdoctoral Fellow, MINTEK
MrISingh MScience Educator at Education Incorporated
Dr P HSkelton MS.A Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity
Dr RSkelton MSouth African Environmental Observation Network
Mr C PSkinner MDe Beers
Dr CSmall MUniversity of Witwatersrand
Dr VSmith MDepartment of Chemistry
A/ProfG Smith MDepartment of Chemistry,
Mr J HSpencer Jones MArgentina
ProfV MSrivastava MDepartment of Electronic Engineering, UKZN
ProfAStark MChemical Engineering, UKZN
Mr A N Starke MRetired
Dr CSteininger MEvolutionary Studies Institute, University of the Witwatersrand
DrK VStuart MUCL Institute of Ophthalmology, United Kingdom
DrRTadokera MClinical Mycobacteriology & Epidemiology
Dr F HTalbot MLife Member
Prof GTheron MSenior Scientist, Department of Medicine, UCT
ProfI MTrindade MDepartment of Biotechnology, UWC
MsK AUsher SRSSAfSStudent, Genetics Dept, Stellenbosch University
Dr Svan Noort MDept of Natural History
Mr PVenter MDirector, Tower Group
DrR AVerrinder MLecturer, Electrical Engineering at UCT
Em. ProfG Vicatos MRetired, Academic engineer and Bioengineer
MrMVolokhai SRSSAfSPhD Student, Jagiellonian University, Poland
Prof A Wadee MNational Health Laboratory Services
ProfR BWalkerMFaculty of Pharmacy, Rhodes University
Dr P R Warren MRetired Astrophysist
Dr G SWatermeyer MRetired
DrAWeltman MDept of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics
DrB E J SWerz MRetired
ProfA JWoodiwiss MDept of Physiology
ProfD LWoods M
MrOYer SRSSAfSStudent, University of Bologna
DrCZachariades MAgricultural Research Council ARC-PPRI
ProfBZhao MGeology, Environmental and Water Quality Management, Rhodes University